In Darkness Light Dawns PaperbackIn Darkness Light Dawns: Exposing Workplace Bullying [paperback]

Dread work because someone there is making life miserable for you? You’re not alone. Workplace bullying is rampant in workplaces throughout North America and around the world. Bullying involves the conscious, repeated effort to wound and destroy another person – not with violence, but with words and actions. Bullying damages the physical, emotional, and mental health of the person who is targeted. Tragically, some targeted individuals commit suicide in efforts to escape the pain. Workplace bullying hurts, but hope is at hand. It is possible, if you are being bullied, to take charge of the situation rather than giving in to fear, dread, and passivity. In this book, Dr. Lisa M. S. Barrow explores the ignored epidemic of workplace bullying and its effect on targeted individuals, organizations and society. She provides keen insights for employees who are experiencing bullying. Dr. Barrow further provides suggestions for organizations that are seeking to create a bully-free environment. $11.95


Hope for a Healthy Workplace PaperbackHope for a Healthy Workplace [paperback]

Is there really Hope for a Healthy Workplace? All of us, leaders and employees alike, would agree that a healthy environment is important in the workplace. However, Dr. Lisa Barrow takes our mindsets a step further, teaching us that our physical environments are just the beginning. As employees  and as leaders, a likely imbalance can occur in the relationship between the two parties involved. Dr. Lisa Barrow brings to focus the sense of humanness that must exist when we adopt attitudes and behaviors that uphold the value of one another. As you turn each page, you’ll begin to adopt a Hope for a Healthy Workplace. $11.95 




Exploring The Nature of Workplace Bullying [DVD]

BULLYING HAS BECOME EPIDEMIC IN OUR WORKPLACES.  Millions of employees have had their voices silenced as a result of workplace bullying and yet very little has been done to address this growing problem. The time has come to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. The time has come for you to become passionate about eliminating bullying in your workplace. Dr. Lisa M. S. Barrow provides valuable insights about workplace bullying and what you can do to stop it. IN THIS DVD, YOU WILL:  – Gain an understanding of what workplace bullying is all about and what behaviors bullies rely on to devalue targeted persons. – Learn about the impact bullying has on targeted persons. – Find out what practical steps you can take if you are experiencing workplace bullying. – Be inspired to speak up for those who have been silenced as a result of their bullying experiences. $13.95


An Overview of Workplace Bullying for Managers [DVD]

In this video, An Overview of Workplace Bullying for Managers, Dr. Lisa Barrow provides insights for managers regarding the effects of workplace bullying on employee performance, morale and commitment. She discusses how workplace bullying negatively affects a company’s ability to achieve goals and to attain a strong competitive position in the marketplace. Workplace bullying involves the conscious, repeated effort to devalue employees. In today’s very competitive global marketplace, managers must ensure that all employees are thriving in a positive and supportive work environment.
Gain an understanding of common workplace bullying behaviors.Understand how workplace bullying affects employees. Learn how to address workplace bullying. $39.95 

Workplace Bullying