Dr. Lisa Barrow provides tailored training for leaders, managers, unions and employees. She is available for speaking engagements and corporate events. Dr. Barrow conducts confidential workplace bullying investigations.

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Now available for purchase An Overview of Workplace Bullying for Managers DVD. Order your copy today. 

An Overview of Workplace Bullying for Managers [DVD]

In this video, An Overview of Workplace Bullying for Managers, Dr. Lisa Barrow provides insights for managers regarding the effects of workplace bullying on employee performance, morale and commitment. She discusses how workplace bullying negatively affects a company’s ability to achieve goals and to attain a strong competitive position in the marketplace. Workplace bullying involves the conscious, repeated effort to devalue employees. In today’s very competitive global marketplace, managers must ensure that all employees are thriving in a positive and supportive work environment.
Gain an understanding of common workplace bullying behaviors.Understand how workplace bullying affects employees. Learn how to address workplace bullying. $39.95 


Workplace Bullying