My heart is quite troubled by the events that have occurred this week in the US. Individuals chose to kill rather than to see their victims’ humanness. A four-year old girl sat in the back seat of a car and witnessed someone she knew killed by a police officer. Later she comforts her mother and says “Mommy, it will be O.K.” No, Sweetheart it is not O.K., and will never be O.K. Her innocence was taken the moment she witnessed the police...

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Unmasking the face of workplace cyber-bullying HR Reporter Article

With the growing availability and use of newer technologies, workplace cyber-bullying is on the rise and it comes in many forms, whether it’s an employee who is constantly monitored or interrupted by his boss with early morning and late night emails or texts demanding immediate responses, or a worker who finds derogatory, anonymous comments on her Facebook page that question her abilities at work. Co-workers may resort to cyber-bullying...

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Workplace Bullying